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Adjustable-Rate Mortgage- ARM- The interest rate changes periodically. The rate increase has a cap in most cases.

Balloon loan- due at a predetermined date and pays off the remaining principal.

Closing costs- When transfer of ownership occurs between a buyer and seller expenses are incurred. These costs include prepaid items, lender fees, recording fees, title charges and escrow.

Escrow- money that is added to an account each time a mortgage payment is made and is then used to pay insurance and property taxes.

Mortgage- property is used as collateral to guarantee payment of a debt. This is a legal agreement.

Mortgage Refinancing-Paying off a mortgage with the money from a new mortgage which is secured by the same property. This is usually done to secure a lower interest rate.

Origination fee- what a lender charges to process a loan.

PITI- Principal, interest, taxes and insurance.

Principal- amount of money that is owed, does not include interest.

Rate lock- When a lender guarantees, for a specified time frame, that the mortgage rate quoted will not increase.

Title- ownership right to a property that is recorded in the deed.





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